University of agribusiness and rural development, Fiscal policy, globalization and economic growth: sustainable development challenges and perspectives

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Ismail Aliu

Last modified: 2020-02-27


The school is a very old educational organization in which pedagogical activity is observed. The school and educational process is influenced by social changes, and in accordance with the new conditions and circumstances, they receive a new functional and suitably designed efficient structure. The modern school represents a complex organizational system. It stems from the everyday relations of teacher-pupil, teacher-teacher. The school operates and implements the educational system in an environment with its surroundings and created an ambience in which the teaching process is realized, with the individual and shared perceptions, attitudes and opinions of the participants in the teaching. The environment is characterized by a specific organization of the work of the school.

Quality education implies quality teaching and quality learning. The school undertakes activities to encourage learning, ie to carry out teaching where students and teachers are motivated to transfer knowledge and learning. For the development of each school it is very important to have ideas and a development plan that is continuous and creative , which provides children with greater opportunities for success in life.


learning, teaching, students, teachers, organization